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Blue Collar Sound and Lights

Blue Collar Sound and Lights specializes in taking a “musicians helping musicians” approach when providing Audio, Lighting, and Video support services. The three founding members, Clark, Shawn, and Rick are also the musicians that make up Gawker Slowdown, a band that focuses on original music written primarily by Clark.

Clark Hamdorf, Lead Guitar/Vocals, is also guitar technician and Audio Engineer.

Shawn Hamdorf, Drummer/Percussionist & Vocals is also the Business Manager.

Rick Bandy, Bass guitar/Vocals, is an acoustical engineer manufacturing audio cabinets used for their larger events.

Kraig Burdick joined in 2014 as Lighting/Technical Director and Webcast/Video Engineer.

© 2017 BlueCollarSoundandlights

416 5th Ave

Ironton, MN 56455

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